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Founded in 1648 by Puritans, the village of Easthampton was a farming community with some fishing and whaling.

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Founded in 1648 by Puritans, the village of Easthampton was a farming community with some fishing and whaling. The original name for the village was Maidstone from a village in Kent some of the settlers may have come from. Each original settler was allotted a village lot of several acres and rights in common to surrounding lands which were regulated by the town government.

The area began to change rapidly with the railroad coming in around 1870.  Visitors began to summer, at first in the shingle style boarding houses on Main Street, then in "cottages," which soften became substantial estates as time went on.

The Windmills, ocean and the unique light drew artists here starting in the 1890s and the real development didn’t begin in earnest until the 1950s and 60s.

Widely regarded as one of the country's most beautiful areas, with miles of white sandy beach, East Hampton is a world-famous ocean-side resort just 100 miles from New York City. The town offers a wide range of fine restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and theater. Sporting activities are enjoyed with world class country clubs, beautiful beaches, excellent sailing, fishing, and riding stables

Fun Fact 


East Hampton's beaches are highly regarded because of their clean white sands, the fact they're relatively accessible and because there is minimal development along the beach, which is strictly residential. Parking space at the village beaches is limited, which prevents crowding. Parking is prohibited on neighboring streets. There is no law that restricts people from accessing the beaches via bike, foot or being dropped off.

The beaches of East Hampton Village (from west to east):

  • Georgica – This beach Georgica is popular with surfers.   The beach has bathroom facilities and lifeguards.
  • Main Beach – The beach is the only one with a pavilion where one can get food; it also has a limited number of lockers available to residents. In summer they often have free concerts on Tuesday nights. 
  • Wiborg Beach – Has a parking lot and is right next to the Maidstone Club. It does not have a lifeguard.
  • Egypt Lane Beach – This beach is sometimes incorrectly called Maidstone Beach because of its proximity to the headquarters of the Maidstone Golf Club. The true Maidstone Beach is on the bay outside the village in the town of East Hampton. Main, Wiborg and Egypt Lane are immediately next to the Maidstone Golf Club.
  • Two Mile Hollow – This beach has the second-largest parking lot of the village beaches.


  • East Hampton Grill - Upscale Grill in town.  Perfect steaks and chops.  Nice old school bar.
  • Serafina - The owners of Serafina (NYC) live here and needed a place to eat!  Consistent Italian fare. Nice outdoor porch scene.
  • The Palm - Old school steak house.  Great happy hour menu!
  • Cittanuova - Fun and chic.  
  • Nick and Toni’s - My favorite.  Consistent food and the occasional Mick Jagger sighting!
  • Sam’s Restaurant - Casual in town.  They do a pizza called the Bonac pie that is heaven (Clams, shrimp and garlic!)
  • Dopo La Spiaggia - Literally means After the beach.  Beautiful inside and out.  Fun menu.  Nice crowd. 


As the story goes, the famous Grey Gardens estate is  riddled with paranormal activity. The most recent owner, Sally Quinn, says, "There are two ghosts.” She’s woken up in her bedroom and seen an apparition previous resident Anna Gilman Hill.

The other ghost is in Little Edie's former bedroom. "We've had guests who have said, 'I'm not sleeping in there.' Some people think it's a man, clomping around in boots. I'm pretty sure it's the sea captain.” She’s referring to Little Edie’s rumored lover.

Even Senator Barry Goldwater— who is reportedly not the scared type—refused to sleep in Little Edie’s room. He told Quinn, “There's a ghost in there.”
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