In my family we call Springs the ‘un-Hamptons’. It is decidedly low key.

Welcome to Springs


In my family we call Springs the ‘un-Hamptons’. It is decidedly low key. A mix of locals and second home folks from ‘up-island’. This is where people come to escape.

Springs is known in art circles as the cradle of the abstract expressionist movement. Artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and John Ferren worked there. Writers such as Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Philip Roth, Nora Ephron, and John Steinbeck have lived in or near Springs. Artists and writers were attracted to the area due to its rural nature, despite being within 100 miles (160 km) of New York City, and because housing prices "north of the Montauk Highway" on the bay side of the East Hampton peninsula have traditionally been lower than those closer to the Atlantic Ocean. Traditionally, locals are referred to as "Bonackers" which comes from Accabonac Harbor in Springs. East Hampton High School has adopted the Bonacker name for its sports teams.

The main roads connecting Springs to East Hampton are Springs-Fireplace Road and Three Mile Harbor Road. Jackson Pollock died in a car crash on Springs-Fireplace Road in 1956. Pollock and his wife Lee Krasner are buried in Green River Cemetery (absolutely worth walking through, completely unique cemetery). Pollock's grave is marked by a large glacial erratic stone on top of a hill, Krasner's by a small stone lower on the hill. Since Pollock's burial numerous other writers and artists have been buried in the cemetery, joining the locals.

The Pollock-Krasner House and Studio on Springs-Fireplace Road is owned by Stony Brook University and is open for tours by appointment. It includes an external studio shed where dried paint from Pollock's projects is splattered on the floor and evokes Pollock's most famous works. The neighborhood around it is an East Hampton historic district. Springs-Fireplace Road gets its name from fireplaces at its terminus that were used to signal the residents of Gardiners Island that supplies were ready to be picked up.  Gardiners Island (visible from the bay beaches facing North and East) is the largest privately owned island in AMERICA and was given by the King of England to the Gardiner family. No trespassing!

Things to Do:

The Bay beaches and Marinas in Springs are the main attractions.

Maidstone Park has a one-mile circle for walking and jogging. There is a white sand beach with lifeguards, toilets, charcoal grills and a pavilion. Locals fish off the jetty and you can watch boats come in and out of Three Mile Harbor. Perfect for sunsets. Bring a bottle of wine.  Children can explore and there are great areas to go paddle boarding and kayaking.

Louse Point and Gerrard Drive are the two peninsulas that make up Accaboanc Harbor. Perfect for water sports and fishing. Picturesque. No guarantees but on most days you will see Ospreys, Egrets and Eagles. A great spot for an evening bonfire (bring some bug spray in August).

Fresh Pond is on the border of Amagansett and Springs. It is a fresh water fed pond that has a stream that flows out to bay. At high tide the salt water backs up so it is a brackish environment meaning a breeding ground for everything! Children can wander about with buckets and nets collecting hermit crabs, minnows, blue and spider crabs, shrimp, etc… There are bathrooms and a charcoal grills available with picnic tables. My children learned their love of the water here.

Groceries etc...

Maidstone Market is small convenience store but has a killer Columbian steam table in back that serves breakfast and lunch to go.  The best rice and beans…

Springs General Store is iconic.  Sunday mornings everyone digs out there amazing cars and has coffee together. Fun to see.

One Stop Market is in a small strip mall on Springs Fireplace.  Renown for its fried chicken it is a step below a real grocery store but great deli and the butcher (Jim) is really good (formerly Cromers). Special orders take a day.

Round Swamp Farm on Three Mile (the original) has great produce, prepared foods all home made, fresh fish and organic veggies. $$$

Nat Miller F.I.S.H. – Sustainably caught fresh fish on the corner of Accabonac and Church.  He goes out 3-4 days a week and his offering varies according to what is running.

Damark’s Market on Three Mile has a full-on sandwich counter with brick oven pizza and lots of hold and cold specials to go.

East Hampton IGA is just in town.  Full grocery store, a bit small but open late.

Old Stone Market has a great selection of homemade foods.  Moussaka, all kinds of sandwiches but the best are their version of a Cuban. 


Springs Dog Park
-14 acres, fenced in, off leash is allowed.

Duck Creek Farm Arts Center - featured painters and sculptors, live jazz, bring a blanket and a picnic.

Mrs. Sams Bait and Tackle on Three Mile Harbor.

Harbor Marina - Gift shop under Bostwicks if you need to get something nautical on the fly. Boat rentals.

Three Mile Harbor Marina - Everything for boating, boat rentals, etc… With a nod to M&M and his movie 8 Mile they sell great ‘3 Mile gear’.
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