Sag Harbor

It's a destination in its own right, one of the best-kept-secret small towns on Long Island.

Welcome to Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor isn't just a symbol of the “old” way of life amid celebrity mansions and seasonal vacation travel. It's a destination in its own right, one of the best-kept-secret small towns on Long Island. Sag Harbor is a fantastic spot in the Hamptons for just about everything from fine dining, late night carousing and ‘star gazing’ to vintage shopping and antiquing. There is a little to a lot of everything for everybody.


Sag Harbor was settled by English colonists early in the 1700’s.  During the American Revolutionary War, New York Patriots fled from the advancing British and Loyalist forces and departed from Sag Harbor by boat and ship for Connecticut. In 1777 American raiders under Jonathan Meigs attacked a British garrison at a fort on a hill in Sag Harbor, killing six and capturing 90 British soldiers in what was called Meigs Raid. The fort was dismantled after the war. The site has become known as the Old Burying Ground and is associated with the Old Whaler's Church.

Sag Harbor became a major port for the whaling industry, and the processing and sale of this oil. By 1789 Sag Harbor had "had more tons of square-rigged vessels engaged in commerce than even New York City! The whaling industry in Sag Harbor peaked in the 1840s, but its importance had been widely recognized and Herman Melville wrote about Sag Harbor in his novel Moby Dick.

The whaling business collapsed after 1847, as other methods were discovered to create kerosene and other fuels; the first was coal oil. The discovery of petroleum in Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1859 sealed the end.

Random Fact

The village of Sag Harbor is in the Towns of both Southampton and East Hampton. The dividing line is Division Street. Most of the defining 19th-century landmarks of the village — including its Main Street, Old Whaler's Church, John Jermain Memorial Library, Whaling Museum, Custom House, the Old Burying Ground, Oakland Cemetery, Mashashimuet Park, and Otter Pond are in Southampton. However, almost all of the Bay Street marina complex, including Sag Harbor Yacht Club and Breakwater Yacht Club, at the foot of Main Street, is in East Hampton.

Things to Do:


The American Hotel-What could be better than an old original 1880s bar and restaurant. Sit on the front porch to watch all the beautiful people. Great wine list!

Dockside Bar -As the name suggests. Casual seafood and cocktails.

The Beacon - This is a great spot to check everything else at the door: kick back, drink, eat, sit, talk, enjoy, & watch the sunset. Try the lobster ravioli!

Dopo La Spiaggia (after the beach!) - Consistently great food in a casual yet elegant atmosphere. Molto bene.

Il Cappuccino Ristorante -Total throw back, classic Italian. ‘Old school’. Consistently good food over the years.

Estia’s Little Kitchen - Mexican and Spanish fare open breakfast lunch and dinner.  It’s a little gem just outside of town.

Tutto il Giorno - Our favorite.  Consistently good food and friendly and welcoming bar scene. Va bene.

Bell and Anchor- Steak and Bouillabaisse, now we are talking!


Sagg Main is a straight shot south to the ocean.  Its quite the scene.

Havens Beach - Bay beach in town with some basic facilities. Beautiful views. Great for water sports and little kids. 

Long Beach - Town beach on the bay. Beautiful open views. Fantastic sunsets. Lifeguard and facilities.

Shelter Island

Easily accessible via the ferry. There are great parks to explore and fun restaurants to visit.

Sunset Beach - Feels like the Caribbean. You can access via car, boat and sea plane. One of the best night life scenes in the Hamptons.

Salt - Beautiful spot on a marina. Great lobster rolls. Check out the fun bar in the back. Totally unique.

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